PhD (magna cum laude) in Quantitative Psycholinguistics,  2016, University of Tübingen

Dissertation: Lexical processing in simplified Chinese: an investigation using a new large-scale lexical database

Supervisor: Dr. Harald Baayen


MSc in Linguistics, 2012, University of Alberta

GPs: Locatives in Southern Min, Adjectives in Igbo

Supervisor: Dr. John Newman, Dr. David Beck


MA in Linguistics, 2001, Providence University. Highest honor.     

Thesis: The Development of gei in Mandarin Chinese: Phonological, Grammatical, and Lexical

Supervisor: Dr. Aya Katz      


BA in English Literature and Language, 1999, Providence University. Highest honour.        


Junior B.A. in Japanese, 1996, National Taichung Institute of Technology. Highest honour.





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