In the Psycholinguistics lab, University of Tübingen, Germany:


2016, doing research on phonetics and phonology of Mandarin Chinese

2016, teaching "Phonetics and Phonology of Mandarin Chinese" and "Lexical access of character based languages"

2012 - 2016, PhD student

2012 - 2014, designing and running my own experiments: Eye-tracking, PAL, and naming plus eye-tracking; research on Chinese NDL

2014, designing and setting up a naming experiment for reading English compounds

2014, designing and setting up a naming plus eye-tracking experiment for reading Estonian words

2014, helping run Articulography experiment for Dr. Martijn Wieling

2013, helping run EEG experiment for Dr. Katja Pöllmann



In the Department of Linguistics, University of Alberta, Canada:


As a Principal Instructor:

2010, LING 101 Summer session

2010, LING 101 Winter term

2009, LING 101 Fall term


As a Research Assistant:

2010-2011, Dr. John Newman, ICE Canada

2009, Dr. John Newman, Chinese Dialect Corpora

2007-2009, Dr. Ben Tucker,


As a Teaching Assistant:

2011, Dr. Marina Blekher, LING 101



In Providence University, Taiwan:

In the Department of English Language, Literature, and Linguistics:

 As an English Lecturer, 2001-2007


Courses taught:




     Introduction to Linguistics

     Second Language Acquisition

  Other subjects:
    Freshman English
    English Writing I & II
    English Reading Comprehension

In the Department of Continuing Education

As an English Instructor, 2005-2007


Courses designed and taught:

 Teaching English as a Second Language

 English Credit Program for Elementary-school educators

 English Credit Program for Businesses English

 English Credit Program for GEPT

 English Credit Program for Teaching Strategies

 English Workshop for Elementary/High-school educators

 English Summer Camp for minority high school students (sponsored by Nantou County Government)



In Vedan Enterprise Corporation:

As an English language expert, 2006-2007



In Providence University:

As a Research assistant to Dr. Aya Katz  in the department of English 2000-2001

As a Research assistant to Dr. Cheng Ying  in the department of Chinese 2000-2001

As a Research assistant to Dr. Marilyn Baker in the department of English 1999-2000


Other schools/institutes

Chung-Gang Senior High School 2005-2007

Washington Education Organization 2005-2007

小狀元美語珠心算補習班 1999-2005